Cristiano Ronaldo scores first goal in Juventus shirt



Cristiano Ronaldo scores first goal in Juventus shirt


Cristian Ronaldo scored his first goal for Juventus in the club’s first match of the season, which ended with a 2-1 victory over Atalanta.
The Portuguese winger scored the first goal with a beautiful pass from the left flank to the far post. The ball was played to the right of the goal by the forward, who was already in the area before the ball was even in his hands.
“Ronaldo” was the first to the ball, but the ball went in the net thanks to a fantastic pass from Cristiano.
Juventus has now won the first match in Serie A, which means that the team will have to play for the title.

The first goal of the Portuguese player was scored in the second half, when the team was in a difficult situation. The team had to play with Atalanti, who had a good game and scored several goals.
However, the team managed to get the result, and it was a great success.
After the first victory, the fans of the club have a lot of questions and doubts about the performance of the team.
What will be the future of Juventus in Serie a?
The team of the Juventus has a good chance of winning the championship. The main problem for the team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of winning, and they just want to win the title once again.
In the first matches, the players did not show their maximum. The problem is that the club has a long way to go, and the main goal is to win all the championships.
There are still a lot to be done, and this is why the team needs to do its best from the first round.
Team’ performance in Serie B
The second round of the championship of Italy has begun, and Juventus is again the main contender for the victory.
This time, the club will play against the team of Milan. The first match ended in a draw, and now the team has to play against Atalante.
Atalante is a good team, and its main goal for the match is to get a positive result.
Milan is a strong team, too, and there are a lot more goals to be scored. The match will be very interesting, and we will see how the team performs in the face of the strong opponent.
Will Juventus be able to win?
Juve has a very good chance to win. The club has the best lineup in the country, and in the first rounds, the results of the matches have been good.
For example, the first game was a draw with Sassuolo, and then the team won against Atletico.
Now, the main task for the club is to finish in the top 4. The last time the team finished in the 4th position was in the previous season.
It is very important for the players to finish the season in the best possible way, because they need to get many trophies in order to keep their place in the Champions League zone.
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All the latest livescores
The main event of the current season is the final match of Serie A. The championship of the Italian Serie A is one of the most popular in the world.
Despite the fact that the championship is not very serious, it attracts a lot attention of the fans.
One of the main goals of the teams is to qualify for the Champions league. The current season has already shown that the teams have a good understanding.
That is why, in the next season, the Serie A will be even more interesting.
As for the teams, Juventus is the main favorite of the tournament. The Turin team has the most players, and everyone knows that it is extremely difficult to play in the Serie a.
Many of the players have already won the Champions cup, so they are confident that they can win the next trophy.
Main rivals of Juventus
The other teams are:
* Milan;
* Inter;
* Napoli.
Each of the clubs has a strong lineup, and each of them is capable of scoring a lot.

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