Barcelona’s new king is… Antoine Griezmann?



Barcelona’s new king is… Antoine Griezmann?


The summer transfer window is over, and we can now safely say that the new season will be a lot more interesting than the previous one. The main intrigue of the new campaign is the struggle for the champion title. The previous season, Barcelona won the title, but the gap to Real Madrid was quite large, and the Catalans were able to fight for it for several rounds, but in the end they lost.
The current season is very interesting for the fans, because the team has a lot of changes, which will affect the results of the club.
Now, the club has a new coach, and it’s AntoineGriezmannto take the place of Ernesto Valverde. The former player of the team is a specialist in the position of the goalkeeper, and he will be able to use this skill to his advantage.
In the current season, the team will be much stronger, because it has a number of players who are already quite experienced. This will allow the coach to make the most of the opportunities that will come his way.

The new coach will have a big influence on the results, because he will have to choose the most effective lineup for each match. The team is now much more balanced, and this will allow it to play at a higher level.
You can follow the latest news on the team on the website of sports statistics, where you can find the results and the schedule of upcoming matches.
Team’sthe main intrigue
Of course, the main goal of the coach is to win the champion’ title, and that’ll be the main task of the upcoming season. The club has several leaders, who can help the team to achieve this goal.
First of all, it� can be mentioned the following players:
1. Sergi Roberto. The Argentine player has already managed to score many goals for the team, and now he’d like to become the main scorer of the season.
2. Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan player is already a key player of Barcelona, and his transfer to Liverpool is another evidence of his desire to win more trophies.
3. Neymar. The Brazilian player is a key figure of the Brazilian national team, but he”s not the main star of the lineup.
4. Messi. The Argentinian player is the main player of his team, because Barcelona has a very good squad.
5. Suarez. He’ s a key member of the Barcelona lineup, and will help the coach in the best way. The player of Uruguay is already quite capable of scoring goals, and if he“s not able to do it, then the team won’t be able achieve its goals.
Of the team leaders, the first three have already managed this, and they’re able to help the club to achieve its main goal. The last player of this list is the player of Liverpool, who’’ is a real star, and who can be the key to the success of the Catalonian team.
Will Messi be able do it?
This is a very difficult question to answer, because we’ve already seen the results that can be expected from the player. The first season of the player was quite unsuccessful for the club, and after that he managed to improve the results.
However, the player himself doesn’ t always understand the team’ game, and sometimes he‘ll leave the field before the end of the match, because his teammates won‘t let him go.
It’ a real shame that the player doesn‘ t understand the game of the Catalan team, as it‘s the main rival of the Spanish one. However, the coach can’’t be blamed for this, because Messi is a really good player, and even if he doesn”t understand the Catalan tactics, he‚ll be able at least to score a few goals. It’ is very important for the Catalonians to have him, because they‘re a team that can play at the highest level. Messi is the leader of the line, and for this reason, the Catalons will be very happy to have the player in their lineup.

You will find the latest results of Barcelona on the sports statistics website. Here you can follow not only the results but also the schedule, and you will be the first to learn about the latest changes in the team. Visit the website to find out how the club will perform in the upcoming matches, and be the best informed fans.
Latest news on other teams
In addition to the main team of Barcelona that we‘ve already mentioned, the following teams are also very interesting to follow the results:
* Real Madrid;
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool.
All these teams have a lot to do with the results in the current campaign. The current season has already shown that the team can‘’ be much more effective, and in the future it”ll be much easier to follow its results. The fans will be happy to know that the next season will bring a lot changes for the teams that are fighting for the title.

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